Enjoy Swabian cuisine with all senses.

Browsing through our menu you'll be impressed: Between simple but good swabian dishes you'll find many typical Swabian specialities. Many of the Maultaschen-variations can be found under “Alles om d'Maultasch” (all about Swabian pockets), prepared to the original recipes for example in broth or melted with potato salad up to new variations, like “gypsy style”, with smoked pork belly or vegetarian.

At Sp√§tzleschwob you can enjoy typical Swabian meat dishes like Zwiebelrostbraten (roast beef with onions) and Swabian Sauerbraten (braised beef, marinated in vinegar). Do you know “Schwabenpf√§nnle”? Three medallions of pork on hand made spaetzle in a creamy sauce with champignons – simply delicious. Try out other genuine Swabian specialities like cheese spaetzle or “Linsen mit Sp√§tzle und Saitenw√ľrstle” (lentils with spaetzle and Frankfurter) and newly included on our menu the “Flaedle” dishes (Flaedle are swabian pancakes).

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

But best you have a look at our menu. After browsing to the top of your bent ‚Äď your mouth is watering ‚Äď, you only have to place your order to the polite waitress.

Your desire court will be prepared very dilligent and quick by the swabian cook. We only take the best fixings, purchased from the local market and acknowledged producers. For example: We purchase our meat from the prize-winning “Schw√§bisch-H√§llischen Erzeugergemeinschaft”.

Wine- and Beer specialities from Wuerttemberg

We have to point out our small but well-balanced wine list containing well-known red and white wines. Among Dinkelacker and Schwabenbräu there is also Cluss Kellerpils Рa brewery specialty from Ludwigsburg Рat the bar.