Where swabian tradition and mediterrnean lifestyle conjoin.

The stately building located at the crossroads Vogelsang-/Seyfferstraße is more than 100 years old.
As the corner house it is fitted with extraordinary representive Jugendstil facade made of sandstone. Belonging to that there are figured oriels, the big oculus and last but not least the beautiful decorated entrance to Spätzleschwob.
The ancestor was already founded in the sixtees. At this time the location was already well-known at best for its good traditional cuisine beyond the booming Stuttgart West. Guests could choose between simple dishes and swabian specialties. The tremendous assortment of Maultaschen (swabian pockets), the different sausage salads, the Flädle (swabian pancake)and Kutteln (tripes) and of course Spätzle (South German pasta) were beeing famous.

Our simple receipt is to keep the established and dare something new

This tradition is being continued by today's owner for sixteen years. “It is our duty” to keep the good traditional cuisine and comfortable cosy ambience and to enrich with new ideas and variations. “Finally, we know that we have the duty to our guests from Stuttgart and the region.“That we've done right and the subtile cosiness is going down well is confirmed by our guests, who come back with pleasure, studying the menu and have a good time.

Outside, between appealing potted plants up to thirty hungry an thirsty guests can feel comfortable at the tables in summer. In summer this typical for Stuttgart West. At this season of the year almost everthing is done outside. And of course it is typical for Spätzleschwob, where the guests appreciate the easy mediterranean ambience.